2015 CHART

Welcome to the chart of 2015 songs!

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2015 Chart winner: Il Volo

Place Flag Country Title Points
1 Italy Grande amore198
2 Sweden Heroes183
3 Estonia Goodbye to yesterday146
4 Azerbaijan Hour of the wolf107
5 Belgium Rhythm inside101
6 Israel Golden boy89
7 Latvia Love injected87
7 Russia A million voices87
9 Norway A monster like me85
10 Australia Tonight again77
11 Slovenia Here for you75
12 Serbia Beauty never lies50
13 Greece One last breath46
14 Spain Amanecer44
15 France N'oubliez pas41
16 United Kingdom Still in love with you40
17 Armenia Face the shadow35
17 Montenegro Adio35
19 Albania I'm alive29
20 Cyprus One thing I should have done27
21 Georgia Warrior21
22 Portugal Há um mar que nos separa20
23 Switzerland Time to shine15
24 Germany Black smoke14
25 Iceland Unbroken8
26 Austria I am yours7
27 Denmark The way you are6
27 Netherlands Walk along6
29 Belarus Time5
29 Romania De la capat5
31 Malta Warrior2
31 Poland In the name of love2
33 Lithuania This time0
33 North Macedonia Autumn leaves0
35 Czechia Hope never dies-1
35 Moldova I want your love-1
37 Hungary Wars for nothing-6
38 Ireland Playing with numbers-11
39 San Marino Chain of lights-24
40 Finland Aina mun pitää-33

There were 33 voters:


From Belgium:

Koen Neirynck (UK), Xavier (UK)


From Brazil:

Guilherme (NOR)


From Finland:

Joke (EST)


From Portugal:

Alexandra (EST), Ana Araújo (AZE), António Monteiro (ITA), Armindo Martins (FRA), Bruno (LAT), Carlos Filipe Barros (AZE), Gonçalo Pereira (ITA), Inês (ITA), João Cunha (EST), Joaquim (SLE), Jorge Vieira (GEO), José Carlos (SWE), Miguel Ângelo (FRA), Mónica Dias (SWE), Patrícia I. Nóbrega (SER), Patrícia Lopes (ITA), Paula Fontes (ITA), Paulo C. (EST), Paulo Jorge (AZE), Pedro Miguel (ISR), Pedro Reis (GRE), Renato Freitas (FRA), Rómulo (EST), Rui Esteves (SWE), Sandra Barreiro (ITA), Sofia Madeira (LAT), Tânia (SWE), Tiago Pereira (ITA), Vítor Gonçalves (AZE)